Meet the Gamlen Team

The Board of Directors

Dr Julian Stone, Non-executive Chairman

Dr Julian Stone is a healthcare executive and serves on the board of several medical technology businesses. He has 30 years’ commercial experience with 20 years in medical technology, software, hardware, big data, and analytics. Dr Stone has led teams in both SME’S and multibillion-dollar corporates and has invested and mentored a wide variety of medical technology businesses. He holds a DBA and MBA. Dr Stone extensively travels across the Middle East.

Dr Donald Gibb, Non-executive Vice-Chairman

Dr Gibb is a serial medical entrepreneur, including being owner of The Birth Company and sits on multiple medical company boards. He is a Fellow of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, a member of the Royal College of Physicians, and a member of the Expert Witness Institute. Dr Gibb has traveled and worked globally.

Mr Nathan Nagel, CEO

Mr Nathan Nagel is a serial entrepreneur with 20 years’ experience on the commercial side of medicine. His executive experience includes: CEO at Gamlen Tableting Ltd, Board Adviser at the Mayfair Biohub Ltd, Interim Managing Director of the US liver disease CRO Sanyal Bio LLC, CEO of the Neuroscience Software R&D start-up Brain-e-Games Ltd, interim CEO of the neuroscience biotechnology company Neuro-Bio Ltd and CEO of the market research company Oncology Pharma Ltd. In parallel to leading Oncology Pharma Ltd Nathan was managing partner of LifeScience Ventures Ltd, a UK consulting company. Prior to leading companies Nathan worked for Bayer Diagnostics and Takeda Pharmaceuticals, where he started his career. Nathan lives in London, Dubai and extensively travels across the Middle East.

Dr Michael Gamlen, Founder and CSO

Michael is a graduate with first class honours in pharmacy (specialising in pharmaceutical engineering) of Sunderland University and has a PhD from Nottingham University. At Nottingham he trained with Professor JM Newton, one of the UK’s leading tableting researchers and the first person to use tensile fracture stress measurements to evaluate tablets.

Michael spent a year at Beechams Pharmaceuticals working on a completely novel technique to instrument a rotary tablet press. He then joined Wellcome Foundation, where for 14 years he was responsible for development of all tablet formulations including hundreds of clinical trial formulations as well as licensed products (of which many are still on the market).


The Team A-Z

Agnes Gogognon
Agnes Gogognon, Lab Technician

Agnes Graduated with a BSc (Honours) Pharmaceutical Sciences Degree at the University of Greenwich, London. Agnes works as lab technician in R&D and productions, dispensing formulations of solid dosage forms, particularly tablets, troubleshooting for critical quality attributes and critical process parameters of powders and tablets, for the purpose of quality and safety of patients.


Henry Kafeman, Product Development Director

Henry has over 30 years of experience working in many engineering disciplines and has proved to be an invaluable asset. His ability to combine creative thinking with engineering excellence has resulted in a significant contribution to product development. His innovations include the unique patented rotating die for the Gamlen Instruments’ Powder Compaction Analysers (PCA), which measures detachment force in addition to compaction and ejection forces. He has worked with other members of the team and Microsoft Excel experts to develop the Gamlen Instruments’ “Dashboard” for basic data analysis and visualisation. For deeper understanding and for larger data sets, he has developed a MathWorks Matlab toolbox operating in conjunction with a SQL Server Database which is providing unique insights. Henry earned his MA in engineering at Queens’ College, University of Cambridge. His experience includes software engineering (support and troubleshooting as well as development), data analysis and visualisation. electronics/PCB design and simulation, embedded systems, databases, wireless communication, mechanical engineering and pneumatics.

Chi-ChiChi Chi Oparaeche, Laboratory and Production Manager

Chi Chi joined Gamlen Tableting in 2013. Her area of expertise is in the compaction and analysis of pharmaceutical excipients used in drug formulation. Based at our London laboratories, Chi Chi is Gamlen Tableting’s in-house specialist in using the Gamlen tablet press (Gamlen R series) and powder compaction analyser (PCA) for materials characterisation. Together with the laboratory team, Chi Chi oversees a range of Gamlen Tableting services including: sample testing, compaction studies of the behaviour of pharmaceutical materials, pre and post drug development and many more.

Chi Chi studied pharmacology at University College London and she is currently completing a PhD at the University of Greenwich in materials characterisation.

Dr Carole Malcolmson, Pharmaceutical and Quality Manager

Carole has worked within the pharmaceutical industry, academia and pharmaceutical consultancy for over 30 years. Her roles have included formulation and product development, clinical trial supplies, regulatory affairs and quality assurance for both small local companies and large multinationals within the pharmaceutical sector in the United Kingdom and New Zealand.



Irene Pinochi, Quality Assurance Manager

Irene is an expert in Quality Assurance with advanced understanding of Quality Management System Requirements. He focus on the ISO 9001 with  knowledge of pharmaceutical requirements and GMP. Her experience performing compliance audit and maintain accurate records. Due to her past job experience she also has good knowledge of Medical Devices Directives and of ISO 13485. Irene is responsible to lead the improvement and developments of the QMS. Irene studied Quality Control of Medicines at University of Pisa.


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