Gamlen R series – Entry level R&D system Tableting research and development system for scientists in academia and industry

Removing the guess work from formulation and preformulation studies – enabling users to understand compaction

✓ Quickly compare materials and formulations
✓ Ideal for investigating
tableting problems
✓ Measures
compaction and ejection profiles for
every tablet
✓ Simple to operate
✓ Study lubrication
✓ Test small quantities
of material down to 10 mg
✓ Produce multi-layer
and dry coated tablets
✓ Compaction data
automatically exported to Excel
Upgradeable to Gamlen D series




Computer controlled for detailed analysis
The revolutionary Gamlen R series provides precise data using tiny amounts of material. It’s ideal for research and development.

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What pharmaceutical scientists are saying about the Gamlen R series


“One of the problems in creating the course is designing an experiment that will deliver reproducible results so that the students can generate models from the data.

During trialling, we quickly found that the Gamlen R series generated consistent results and allowed control of variables which made the Gamlen R series an ideal tool to teach the important course principles.

Experiments were conducted repeatedly over the two consecutive days of the course and were found to generate the same data. To get our course objectives across, it was imperative that we could rely on the experiment to work and the Gamlen D Series PCA gave us that reproducibility. If errors occurred, something had gone wrong in the experiment itself i.e. errors were errors – not random noise in the data. This was important as it supported the material we were teaching.”
Professor Patrick Steel, Durham University


“The Gamlen R series allows you to understand the relationship between the properties of substances, the composition of a formulation and the manufacturing process. Another useful Gamlen R series feature is that it allows determination of tablet hardness across a range of sizes. With this information, the production process can be optimised easily and faster whilst using only small amounts of material.”
Professor Sznitowska, The Department of Applied Pharmacy, Medical University of Gdansk, Poland.


“I find the Gamlen R series very useful for teaching undergraduate students the principles of tablet compression because of its easy operation and favourable size for benchtop placement.”
Dr Petr Zámostný, Associate Professor, Department of Organic Technology, University of Chemistry and Technology, Prague.


“We were impressed with the way the Gamlen R series could simulate a number of conditions that real tablet production involves, without requiring high volumes. For a teaching environment, we need to be able to manufacture small batches, at high frequency and by various different users and this machine has been able to meet these needs.”
Dr Daryl Williams, Imperial College London.

Gamlen R series – a major breakthrough in pharmaceutics teaching and research


Using the Gamlen R series, the user can quickly see the difference in the compressibility and lubrication properties of different excipients, processes and formulations. This makes it ideal for both teaching and research. Features and benefits include:

Assesses manufacturability and lubricity of production or clinical trial material before committing it to the tablet press
Measures all key parameters of the compaction process. Simple to use with unique measurement capabilities
Suitable for undergraduate use and postgraduate research as well as industrial research
Integrated system for the study of powders and tablets – used for tablet compaction AND fracture
The only instrumented laboratory compaction system with data capture suitable for student use

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Study proves Gamlen R series can simulate conditions
on Fette 2090 rotary press


Comparison of 100 mg of two particular formulations (obtained from a major pharma company) compacted on the Gamlen R series showed matching results when compared with production data obtained on a high speed rotary press (Fette 2090). Analysis of tablet tensile strength to compaction pressure and solid fraction demonstrated that the results obtained on the Gamlen R series can be reproduced for different sizes and shapes of tablets produced on a rotary press.
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Helping you create better tablets


To create new and better tablets you need to study and understand the relationship between drug properties, formulation and manufacturing process under properly controlled laboratory conditions.

Until recently small scale tablet manufacture using ‘controlled compaction force’ had not been possible because of technical limitations based on thickness control and large scale production. This made it difficult to make tablets or evaluate materials under tightly controlled conditions.

Gamlen R series – revolutionary powder compaction analyzer

Dr Michael Gamlen invented the revolutionary Gamlen R series to solve this problem. The Gamlen R series allows you to make tablets on a small scale, using controlled compaction force and at very low wastage rates, normally less than 1%. This force determines both the physical strength and the dissolution behaviour of the tablet. These are the key properties which ensure the tablet reaches the patient and delivers the drug.

The Gamlen R series works by monitoring the force in real time using a PLC. Punch force and punch position are displayed on a computer which is also used to input the compaction conditions. Using the Gamlen R series you can make tablets of extraordinary reproducibility and consistency, within 1-2% force variation. Batch yields are >99%.

For the measurement of tablet breaking load, the press records both force and displacement during compression and fracture, and also provides the ejection force profile associated with tablet ejection.

The Gamlen R series a strategic analysis instrument which provides precisely the data necessary to make informed decisions

In the scale-up of tablet production, the Gamlen R series can be used to determine the relationship between tablets developed at the benchtop scale using a few grams of material (often at early development stage) and the final tablet manufactured on a rotary tablet press. The latter uses hundreds of kilograms of material, making process development difficult because of practical difficulties in experimentation; smaller and differently-shaped tablets can, however, be scaled to the final desired tablet design if TFS is utilised as the basis for comparison.

If you want new and better tablet products and processes, then you need the Gamlen R series.

Unique benefits of Gamlen R series


Complete control of compaction process using compression force or tablet thickness with live display of punch position and compaction force
Quick and easy to use with tiny amounts of material
Generates punch displacement measurements to assist with analysis of the compaction process, and the measurement of the three key compaction properties – tabletability, compressibility and compactibility
Can be programmed to perform precompresssion and repeated compaction
Demonstrated to accurately simulated production press compaction behaviour for several material types on Fette 2200 press
Operating range 0-5kN, 1-60 mm/minute. Punch sizes 2-15 mm. Option of operation at 180 mm/minute available
Used to check product quality prior to putting batches onto production presses reducing product risk
Very low wastage rates, normally less than 1%
Can be used in controlled humidity environment
Saves time, money and materials

Using the Gamlen R series you’ll be able to:


Quickly compare formulations
Produce multi-layer and dry coated tablets
Test small quantities of material down to 10 mg
Study lubrication behaviour
Ideal for investigating tableting problems



Manufacture of test product batches
Pre-formulation studies
Formulation comparisons
Salt selection studies
Intrinsic dissolution studies
Excipient compatibility samples

Quick and easy to operate


The Gamlen R series offers a quick route to the manufacture of small batches of tablets under tightly controlled conditions.

Sample powders (we recommend using the Powder Pipette – accuracy ±2% or better for most materials).



  1. Manufacturing rate approximately 1 tablet per minute.
  2. The product can be manufactured under completely controlled compaction conditions including compaction rate and compaction force (all tablets) and temperature and humidity (when used with glove box).
  3. Doses as low as 10 mg, lower in some cases.
  4. Product yield essentially 100% – NO LOSS of valuable or scarce products.
  5. Fracture measurement- the press can change mode to hardness tester to measure tablet tensile strength

R series specification


Maximum load 500 kg, 500 kp, 5000 N or 999.9 lb respectively
Load resolution 0.1 kg, 0.1 kp, 1 Newton or 0.1 lb respectively
Minimum detectable fracture load 3 kg (adjustable)
Width between pillars 60 mm
Load Cell travel 30 mm
Test Height Depends on pillar extension length. Maximum extension of 300 mm
Load indication Via PC software
Inputs & Outputs USB interfaceLoad cell
Test Speed Range 0.1 – 60 mm/min.
High down and return speed 60 mm/min
Calibration Dead weights in kg or proving ring.
Power requirements 110/120 VAC 1.6 A or220/240 VAC 3.15 A(External selection via fuse holder)
Machine dimensions 310w x 270d x 375h
Machine weight (without accessories) 16 kg
Shipping size 390 x 350 x 390 or 460 x 430 x 480
Shipping weight approx 20 kg

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